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Caring for a Hospice Patient Experiencing Delirium

For patients receiving hospice care, delirium, depression, and anxiety are often the most common mental illnesses. Due to its high prevalence and detrimental effects on communication, behavior, and quality of life, delirium is undoubtedly the most significant mental disease as one approaches the end of life. Delirium jeopardizes several crucial end-of-life care objectives, including comfort and meaningful family engagement.

Numerous studies on delirium have been published in the previous years by experts on geriatrics and palliative care in Los Angeles County, California, and the whole world. Despite this, there is not much fresh knowledge, and open problems still exist.

Delirium is frequent and has a significant influence on the quality of life and is often underappreciated in hospice care in Los Angeles County, California. The method used to assess and treat delirium will depend on the objectives of treatment.

It is important to care for seniors receiving hospice to have the utmost comfort and peace of mind. As such, our hospice team at Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. provides reliable and professional care to guarantee the overall wellness of our elderly patients, such as:

  • Non-medical/Non-pharmacologic Treatment
  • Altering sensory stimulation in the environment as needed.
  • Allowing friends and family to visit and reorient the patient.
  • Perform frequent reminders of time/place/medical setting.
  • Using the ABCDE (Awakening/Breathing Coordination, Delirium monitoring, and Early exercise/mobility) bundle to prevent and manage delirium in ICU settings.
  • Medical/Pharmacologic Treatment

Dementia has traditionally been treated with antipsychotic drugs. In early, subpar research of delirium in HIV patients, haloperidol but not lorazepam was found to be more effective than a placebo at treating the symptoms.

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