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Caring for Patients Who Have Dementia

Caring for Patients Who Have Dementia

Dementia is an overall term for diseases that are characterized by a continuous degeneration of memory and thinking skills, which in turn affects a person’s ability to execute everyday activities. Dementia is one of the health conditions that our hospice care in Los Angeles County, California covers.

The diagnosis of dementia is usually challenging for doctors. These professionals have to note closely the patters of the loss of skills and functions of the person and determine the remaining capacities he or she can still perform. Medical history and symptoms are also taken together with a complete physical examination to assess the severity. Evaluation of one’s cognitive or thinking function is one of the necessary tests conducted by doctors that don’t necessarily pinpoint dementia but, is helpful enough in making a differential diagnosis. Brain scans can also be ordered.

As it is reported, most types of dementia cannot be cured. However, there are ways to manage the symptoms. Medications are usually prescribed in order to remedy memory, thinking, and judgment issues. But therapy has found to be the most helpful, according to research. Our palliative care in Los Angeles County, California can offer quality care and management to patients with dementia. We believe that enhancing these patients’ quality of life necessarily includes simplification of their tasks, modification of their environment, and encouraging healthy practices such as exercise and self-care.

Dementia does not have to be a very difficult condition to deal with. As long as you know the proper ways and have the right people who can support you, dementia can be very well managed. Contact us in Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc., your trusted hospice in Burbank, California, for immediate help.

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