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Common Challenges in End-of-Life Care

Common Challenges in End-of-Life Care

Many facilities in the United States offer palliative care to patients who are terminally ill. But over time, it has been reported that these facilities face the same challenges and issues in patient care. Like our hospice in Burbank, California, palliative care facilities undergo the same roadblocks. But these can be well managed by our medical and support professionals.

As we all know, patients who require end-of-life care are usually the elderly who are prone to feeling lonely, underreport pain, and have greater sensitivity to drugs. While we provide effective palliative care in Los Angeles County, California, generally, clinicians and other health professionals must be well-trained and prepared if these issues and challenges come up.

  • Pain and Fear of Pain

    End-of-life care patients face pain and the fear of pain. Patient behavior usually changes when this happens. Pain, especially cancer-related pain, is very common, but it has been reported that 90% of cancer patients positively respond to analgesic measures.

  • Depression

    This has become a big challenge for hospice care staff because it has been linked with suicide. In addressing this problem, medications are given to improve mood while counseling is provided to help them with coping strategies.

  • Dignity and the Need for Control

    Dignity is felt lost when the patient starts to think that he or she is becoming a burden to his or her family members. A sense of control must be given to them on a daily basis. This is the central task of many facilities.

Challenges are always present, whether you are the clinician or the patient. What matters is how well we approach and address these challenges. Contact us today at Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. for more information about our quality hospice care in Los Angeles County, California.

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