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Challenges Faced by Patients at the End of Life

Challenges Faced by Patients at the End of Life

When you are looking for trusted palliative care in Los Angeles County, California, you are seeking for Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. The end of life poses substantial and potentially overwhelming challenges to the patient and the family. One needs the right provider who understands and identifies with the experience.

Here are common challenges patients struggle with:

  • Pain and the fear of pain
    50% to 90% of patient respondents reported pain with their advanced illness. While there are medical measures to relieve and manage pain, the mental side of it is complicated. Families, friends, and care providers should reassure the patient that they can go through it.
  • Depression
    Stress and added anxiety do not bring in the quality of life. Hospice care in Los Angeles County, California takes extra measures to identify and manage these situations for the patient and their families.
  • Dignity
    As humans, we take pride in preserving who we are – our dignity. However, when the level of autonomy and independence one has previously enjoyed will now be reduced or gone, our loved ones may lose hope. They may no longer feel who they are. Hospice in Burbank, California delivers care that ensures patient’s dignity.

Identifying and understanding the challenges begin the development of the right end of life plan. Call us to start this conversation.

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