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Let Us Keep the Elderly Healthy

Let Us Keep the Elderly Healthy

In light of the global pandemic, discussing tips on how to help seniors stay healthy can make a difference. Let’s remember that without them, there would be no “us” today. We owe it to the elderly, so let’s work together in helping them. Of course, palliative care in Los Angeles County, California is available for those terminally ill. But here’s how we can help our senior loved ones at home:

  • Personal Hygiene
    This is not for seniors only. If you live with an elderly at home, be sure to also have good personal hygiene, otherwise, bad hygiene can attract all kinds of pathogens and eventual infections.
  • Preparing Healthy Food
    If you are assigned in doing the groceries at home, make sure to pick out healthy foods. These include vegetables and fruits. Pick those that are low in fat and monosodium glutamate. Never think of yourself when doing groceries.
  • Step Back
    We know that seniors are more prone to illnesses because of their naturally weakening immune system. So, if you are feeling groggy or already have symptoms of an illness, tell your family members and housemates that you have to rest. Keep your distance from those who are immunocompromised, like the elderly.
  • Never Forget – Vitamins
    While you have your daily dose of vitamins, make sure to prepare your senior loved ones’ vitamins and medications too. Skipping is not an option.

There are many ways we can do to help our elderly loved ones deal with illnesses or obstacles. But never hesitate to call for help when necessary. Our hospice care in Los Angeles County, California will be glad to help you.

Call us at Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. today – a reliable hospice in Burbank, California.

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