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Caring for Diabetic Seniors at Home

Caring for Diabetic Seniors at Home

Diabetes is a lifelong condition and its impact can affect our daily activities. Life may not be the same for seniors with diabetes. But with the right care, the condition can be managed.

Diabetes may not be as severe as other diseases requiring hospice care in Los Angeles County, California. However, when diagnosed with other chronic conditions, the patient may need additional attention.

When a senior has diabetes, they may need support on mobility. Since eyesight can get affected by diabetes, walking around or seeing things can become difficult, aside from being a safety threat.

Your diabetic senior’s blood glucose levels need to be monitored regularly. While some seniors can do this on their own, others may need assistance to take the reading and keep the records. Managing their medication requires organization. They must receive their insulin on schedule.

Their diet can be among the biggest changes. Shifting to diabetes-friendly meals requires careful planning and adjustment. Professional nutritionists can work on healthy meals that do not compromise their diabetic condition or let go of flavor.

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