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When High Blood Pressure is Left Unattended

When High Blood Pressure is Left Unattended

It’s easy to lose track of your other health needs if you have a lot of diseases to manage. While skipping one dose may be okay, repeated instances can lead to serious medical consequences.

This happens often to seniors with serious medical conditions. For this reason, some families opt to invest in Palliative Care in Los Angeles County, California. This way, a caregiver can help ensure that the patient is getting the care they need while family caregivers can focus on other aspects of their loved one’s needs.

One example of a health condition that is easily overlooked is hypertension. This happens because the symptoms aren’t always obvious. But uncontrolled high blood pressure can put you at risk of potentially life-threatening complications such as:

  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney damage
  • Vision problems
  • Peripheral artery disease

If your loved one’s diseases keep progressing, Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. can be of service. Hospice Care in Los Angeles County, California is here to help patients with progressive illnesses live happier and more fruitful lives.

Learn more about end-of-life care by giving our Hospice in Burbank, California a call at 818-848-6410. We’re always ready to help families achieve a better quality of life.

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