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Changes You Can Make if You Have Hypertension

Changes You Can Make if You Have Hypertension

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a symptomless health condition that quietly damages blood vessels and eventually leads to serious health problems, dubbing it the “silent killer”.

Because of the weak symptoms, it’s easy to overlook. That is why skilled nurses in Hospice Care in Los Angeles County, California always make sure to check the patient’s BP every few hours.

Luckily, there are some things you can do so your loved one stays safe from the health complications brought by HBP. Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. is here to talk about those. Take a look:

  • Manage stress
    Stress is known to increase the risk factors of HBP such as a poor diet, drug abuse, or excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
    Being overweight puts extra strain on your heart, increasing the risk of you developing HBP and suffering from the health complications resulting from this condition.
  • Medicate
    It’s not easy to keep track of your loved one’s medication, luckily Palliative Care in Los Angeles County, California can help make sure they never miss a dose.

If you want to learn more about senior care, feel free to give us a call. Should your seniors need more specialized care for their illnesses, Hospice in Burbank, California is a service you are welcome to try out. Dial 818-848-6410 to get in touch.

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