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Quality Care for Hospice and Palliative Patients

Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc, a trusted Hospice in Burbank, California, provides both home nursing and medical care, support for the family, advocacy for the patient, spiritual counseling, pain assessment and treatment, and access to medications. We use durable medical equipment to manage the illness that resulted in the need for hospice care. If your loved one would love to receive quality hospice services at home, we are the right agency to help.

We understand the importance of proper end-of-life care and Palliative Care in Los Angeles County, California for both patients and their families. That is why we believe that home hospice is one of the best options for those in need. Our hospice services are provided in a comfortable, familiar setting. The overwhelming majority of our hospice patients have expressed the importance of staying at home, where they feel comforted and nostalgic. Your loved one is cared for by the best. When you bring in hospice-certified nursing assistants, your loved one receives care from experts in the industry, who have dedicated their careers to caring for terminally ill patients and easing the end-of-life transition.

Your loved one’s wishes are respected throughout this journey. Hospice Care in Los Angeles County, California drives the goal to ensure your loved ones can experience the end of life on their unique terms. To avail of our hospice and palliative care, please give our lines a call.

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